Narrative Medicine Anthology: A Collection from The Permanente Journal

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Book Preview This Anthology is four books in one: A book of essays & research, a book of poems, a book of stories, and a book of works of art. This anthology presents several forms of narrative in medicine—essay, commentary, case study, journalism, stories, poems, journals, and research—that seek to make a point, explore the particular, gain perspective, or discover meaning in medicine more powerfully through relating a story than by exposition alone. Storytelling is an art of medicine.

These works represent a rich compilation of how story becomes primary in communication and relationship with other people. From the Narrative Medicine section of the The Permanente Journal, these articles are primarily narrative in nature.

TPJ published these collected pieces in the ten years
 from 2003 to 2013, in the format of 
an international, peer-reviewed journal of medical science, social science in medicine, and medical humanities—circulated in print to 25,000 individuals quarterly. In 2015, TPJ content (indexed in MEDLINE), on PubMed recorded 1.4 million page views on TPJ articles in PubMed from a broad international readership.

It is hoped that this compendium offers relevant matter for those interested in story in medicine but also for those who would study the evolution of story in medicine.
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